2012 Proceedings

  1. Asset Integration and Attitudes to Risk: Theory and Evidence
    Steffen Andersen, James C. Cox, Glenn W. Harrison, Morten Lau, E. Elisabet Rutström and Vjollca Sadiraj

  2. Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance, Corporate Risk and Risk Taking: New Panel Data Evidence on the Role of Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance
    M. Martin Boyer

  3. External Financing in the Life Insurance Industry:Evidence from the Financial Crisis
    Thomas R. Berry-Stölzle, Gregory P. Nini, Sabine Wende

  4. Fraudulent Claims and Nitpicky Insurers
    Jean-Marc Bourgeon, Pierre Picard

  5. One-Sided Commitment in Dynamic Insurance Contracts:Evidence from Private Health Insurance in Germany
    Annette Hofmann, Mark Browne

  6. On the Sensitivity of Corporate Cash Holdings and Hedging to Cash Flows
    Monica Marina, Greg Niehausb

  7. Profitable contract menus in competitive insurancemarkets with adverse selection
    Wanda Mimra, Achim Wambach

  8. Prospect Theory and the Demand for Insurance
    David L. Eckles, Jacqueline Volkman Wise

  9. The Impact of Safety Expenditures on Moral Hazard
    Chip Wade, Andre P. Liebenberg

  10. Yaari?s LifeCycle Model in the 21st Century:Consumption Under a Stochastic Force of Mortality
    H. Huang, M.A. Milevsky, T.S. Salisbury


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