2021 Les B. Strickler Innovation in Instruction Award Call for Proposals

ARIA members and others interested in risk management and insurance education are invited to submit proposals detailing innovative ideas that they have developed and used in risk management and insurance instruction. Along with creativity, the criteria for selection of award winners will be 1) content, 2) relevance and transferability of the approach to other institutions and 3) documented potential for improving the quality of risk and insurance education.

Proposals can include any effective, creative approach used in teaching risk management and insurance. For example, creative ideas might include new course offerings, alternative methods of evaluation, experiential projects outside the classroom, lecture-based innovation, and development of case materials, class projects, or other unique teaching materials. Projects should not be limited to technological advances or computer applications. For a list of previous award winners that have recently published, please see https://www.aria.org/education/les-b-strickler-innovation-in-instruction-award/

Submissions that rely upon a publication or other commercial product should attach documentation from the holder of that copyright or trademark providing written agreement to having the product transferred in the manner described in the proposal. If obtained from a website, please provide website address confirming availability for public use. A monetary award of up to $1,000 is associated with the Strickler Award and will be presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting. Persons submitting proposals agree that if selected as the winner, they will attend the virtual meeting August 2-4, 2021 to present their innovative idea.

Proposals are due April 30, 2021 and will be judged by the Les B. Strickler Awards Committee. Proposals should include a cover letter that identifies the submitter’s name, address, daytime phone number, and employer-affiliation of corresponding submitter. The remaining documentation should in no way identify the author(s) of the submission. The submissions themselves must address each of the following five required elements. Failure to specifically address these items may result in a disqualification of the submission.

  1. Purpose of the innovation and a description of the courses in which the approach has been used.
  2. Features that make the approach innovative. Adequate documentation is necessary for favorable consideration.
  3. Effectiveness and specific benefits of the innovation. Letters or evaluations attesting to the effectiveness of the approach are useful.
  4. Proposals for the transfer of the idea to other institutions.
  5. Description of the presentation to be made at the 2021 Annual Meeting (August 2- 4 if selected for the award.

Submit all materials for review as e-mail attachments to the Strickler Committee chair, David Russell: david.russell@csun.edu. Hard copies will not be accepted. Also, please note that the “manageability” of the submission will play a role in the successful review of the submission. In the past some authors have submitted multiple files without regard to the need for the reviewers to be able to coordinate the review of the submission. The authors’ consideration of these issues would be favorably looked upon by the review committee.

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!