Call for Papers Journal of Risk and Insurance

Call for Papers Journal of Risk and Insurance
Special Issue on Health Insurer Decision-Making
Submissions Due September 1, 2021

The Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI) invites paper submissions for a planned special issue (or partial issue) on the topic of health insurer decision-making. While many studies analyze health insurance markets with a focus on decisions by individuals, health care providers and policy-makers, this special issue will support the burgeoning literature investigating health-insurer decision making.

Topics of interest: Topics of interest are broad and could include, for example, the ways that insurers respond to regulation, trends in the prevalence and nature of provider-sponsored health plans, decisions about horizontal mergers among insurers, insurer decisions about plan or network designs, and the operation of self-insured vs. fully insured health insurance plans. We are open to research on a range of health insurance markets and expressly encourage international comparisons and perspectives.

Special editorial team: A special editorial team, consisting of Jean Abraham (University of Minnesota), Hanming Fang (University of Pennsylvania), Amanda Starc (Northwestern University), Justin Sydnor (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Nicolas Ziebarth (Cornell University) will handle the papers for this submission. Papers will undergo the JRI’s standard peer-review process and the standards for acceptance will be the same as for other papers in the journal. Papers should be of general interest to the readership of the JRI, which is the leading journal specializing in risk management and insurance. The JRI is receptive to a range of methodological approaches, provided that they are appropriate for the research questions and analysis being undertaken. In particular, we are open to papers that are largely descriptive in nature, but stress that these papers need to make a substantive contribution to our general understanding of the functioning of health insurance markets.

Submission details: For consideration in the special issue, papers should be submitted to the JRI via our standard submission portal ScholarOne by September 1, 2021. Please note in your cover letter for the submission that you would like to have the paper considered for this special issue. There is no specific page limit or formatting requirement for submissions for the special issue, but we do encourage shorter papers in the style of American Economic Review Insights when possible.