The Launch of the JRI Influencer Program

We discussed the JRI Influencer Program with Joseph Qiu and Thomas Wilson now that it has newly launched. They touched on the thinking behind creating the program, the steps taken to launch the program and long-term goals.

What was the thinking behind creating the JRI Influencer Program? What were the steps taken to get this program put into action?

For decades, JRI has published valuable research articles on risk management and insurance, most of which resulted from countless hours of work of ARIA members. Meanwhile, the insurance industry continues to evolve and can benefit from the ideas and analyses published by JRI. Social media can help bridge the gap between academia and industry by distributing the research among industry circles timely and effectively. Increasingly people will become aware of the JRI publications by browsing their social feeds. This will allow us to reach a broader audience than before.

Inspired by ARIA’s strategic direction and our JRI Editor’s ambition to bring academia and industry closer to each other, we were looking for ways to help promote the ARIA community in the industry. We reached out to more than 60 insurance industry figures who are active on social media and have the influence and following to help promote JRI’s content We asked them to follow, comment and share JRI’s social media posts to maximize exposure of our content to their network of followers. The “influencers” responded to our requests very positively and many of them expressed their support for this initiative

 Where are you hoping to take the influencer program long-term?

The ultimate goal is to have academia and industry work closer together and learn from each other.  There is still much work to do, but we recognize that modern technology can help facilitate this. We are encouraged by the JRI Team’s continuous efforts to stay active on social media.

Once the social media campaign gains “critical mass”, more and more industry people will follow ARIA and JRI and possibly utilize some ideas and approaches in their practice. It will almost certainly enhance the reputation and influence of ARIA and JRI. Through the social media’s comments and discussion functionalities, researchers can also benefit from the feedback provided by the industry and possibly generate new research ideas. We very much hope for a win-win situation.