2021 ARIA Kulp-Wright Book Award Criteria

The criteria listed below are intended to serve as general guidelines only.  Each committee is responsible for applying guidelines, creating balance, and modification as necessary.

  1. As a general rule, only books and monographs are considered eligible for the award.  Separately published works are given preference. Articles in journals and parts of an anthology normally will not be considered, for example. 
  2. The award recipient should advance frontiers of knowledge rather than present established principles in a new way. 
  3. The primary contribution of the book should lie in the field of risk and insurance. For example, a book on the subject of health insurance normally will be given preference to one which discusses health insurance as part of a broad-ranging treatment of the more general subject of health care economics. 
  4. Favorable consideration normally is given to books that appeal to a moderately broad cross-section of persons concerned with the field of risk management and insurance. To win the award, a book on a highly technical subject normally must make a greater contribution than one on a subject of general interest. 
  5. First editions of textbooks may be considered on the same basis as other award candidates. 
  6. The person or persons primarily responsible for the content of the book must be easily identified. Edited collections of articles taken from journals normally will not be considered, for example. 
  7. The deadline for award recommendation is May 15. Recommendations are subject to ARIA Board approval.  Winners will be notified upon approval by the Board. 
  8. The award winner(s) receives an award certificate at the ARIA annual meeting.