RMI Academic, Research, & Professional Job Postings

As a service to its members, ARIA provides this webpage to serve as a clearinghouse for job and career opportunities in the area of risk management and insurance at academic, research, and professional institutions around the world geared toward individuals holding a Ph.D. related to risk management, insurance, actuarial science, and economics/finance.

Guidelines for posting job announcements on the ARIA Website:
  • All job postings must be submitted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Alternatively, links to job postings on employers’ websites are also accepted.
  • Please send your file or link via e-mail to David Pooser at pooserd@stjohns.edu. Files not prepared in either of these formats will be returned with a request to create a file with a correct format.
  • Jobs without a substantial academic or research component will not be posted here. If you are unsure about the category please e-mail David Pooser for further consideration.

Current academic and research positions

Current Actuarial Science Positions