About ARIA

Founded in 1932, the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) has a long tradition of supporting and educating professionals, scholars, and students in the insurance and risk management industry. We create opportunities to share and discuss high quality research, recognizing scholars from diverse backgrounds engaged in open collaboration strengthen our industry and our society. In the spirit of open collaboration and sharing, we host an Annual Meeting which brings together a large and diverse group of experts to share and discuss cutting edge research in risk management and insurance.  Additionally, we publish two peer review journals. This open sharing of knowledge and information helps policy makers and practitioners learn from the past, mitigate present risk, and confidently make decisions.

Together, ARIA and its members drive innovation to meet the ever-evolving challenges of our industry. We leverage our collective expertise to promote the efficient management of risk. This helps to strengthen the productive capacity of the economy, provide safety and security, improve social welfare, and enrich people’s lives.

ARIA is also dedicated to nurturing the next generation of industry professionals. We work collaboratively with members to drive innovation and excellence in insurance and risk management education. We provide networking, information, recognition, and support to students and professors.


Founded in 1932, ARIA is a scholarly association devoted to the study of and promotion of risk and insurance economics.

Our membership is comprised of academics, scholars, professionals and industry veterans. Together, through conferences, publications, and recognition, we are a community committed to provide for the mutual association of persons with an interest to study in risk and insurance, to improve the public’s understanding of how risk can be more effectively managed, and to support the adoption of new findings by the risk management profession.

ARIA is dedicated to the expansion and improvement of academic instruction to students of risk management and insurance, providing networking, information and support.


Our vision is to be the world’s premier scholarly association whose members continually contribute to solving the world’s biggest risk management challenges.

Core Values

  • Knowledge:  We value high quality research conducted using scientifically rigorous methods so policymakers and practitioners can confidently use the results to help guide their decisions.
  • Community:  We believe that an inclusive, active community that embraces open collaboration, improves our members’ work, our industry and society as a whole.
  • Society:  The various methods used to manage risk are critical to enrich people’s lives, strengthen the productive capacity of the economy, and improve social welfare.
  • Security:  We never lose sight of our goal to provide safety and security to financial institutions, companies and our communities through the mitigation of risk.


Executive Office

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