Risk Management and Insurance Review Award for Best Article

The Risk Management and Insurance Review (RMIR) best paper awards recognizes the best article published in the prior calendar year in the RMIR. The winner(s) receives an award certificate at the ARIA annual meeting.


  • 2023 - Casey Rothschild, Wellesley College, Paul D. Thistle,  University of Nevada, Las Vegas, "Supply, demand, and selection in insurance markets: Theory and applications in pictures. Risk Management and Insurance Review, 25(4), 419-444."

Past Winners

  • 2022 - Evan M. Eastman, Florida State University, Jianren Xu, University of North Texas, "Market reactions to enterprise risk management adoption, incorporation by rating agencies, and ORSA Act passage, "RMIR 24(2): 151-180
  • 2021 - Courtney B. Baggett, Cassandra R. Cole, George Crowley, E. Tice Sirmans, "Spillover Effects of Increased Health Insurance Enrollment on Workers’ Compensation Insurance," RMIR 23(1): 53-74
  • 2020 - Georges Dionne, HEC Montréal, Olfa Maalaoui Chun, Bloomberg LP, New York, Thouraya Triki, International Fund for Agriculture Development, Roma, Italia, "The Governance of Risk Management: The Importance of Directors' Independence and Financial Knowledge," RMIR 22(3): 247-277
  • 2019 - Derrick Fung, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Jason Yeh, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, "Inherent Virtue or Inevitable Evil: The Effects of Directors' and Officers' Insurance on Firm Value," RMIR 21(2): 243-288
  • 2018 - Jeffrey Czajkowski, University of Pennsylvania, Kevin M. Simmons, Austin College, James M. Done, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, "Demonstrating the Intensive Benefit to the Local Implementation of a Statewide Building Code," RMIR 20(3): 363-390
  • 2017 - Barry Mulholland, Texas Tech University, Michael Finke, The American College of Financial Services, Sandra Huston, Texas Tech University, "Understanding the Shift in Demand for Cash Value Life Insurance," RMIR 19(1); 7-36
  • 2016 - Stephanie Meyr, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Sharon Tennyson, Cornell University, "Product Ratings as a Market Reaction to Deregulation: Evidence From the German Insurance Market," RMIR 18(1): 77-100
  • 2015 - Lorilee Medders and Charles Nyce, Florida State University, J. Bradley Karl, East Carolina University, "Market Implications of Public Policy Interventions: The Case of Florida’s Property Insurance Market," RMIR 17(2): 183-214
  • 2014 -Gaobo Pang, Towers Watson, Mark Warshawsky, American Enterprise Institute, "Comparing Costs and Risks of Retirement Plans for Sponsors," RMIR 16(2): 195-217
  • 2013 - Best Feature Award: William G. Johnson, Arizona State University Richard J. Butler, Brigham Young University Marjorie L. Baldwin, Arizona State University, Pierre Côté, Toronto Western Hospital, "Disability Risk Management and Postinjury Employment of Workers With Back Pain" RMIR 15(1): 35-55
    Perspectives Award: Martin Eling, Institute of Insurance Economics, University of St. Gallen, "What Do We Know About Market Discipline in Insurance?" RMIR 15(2): 185-223
  • 2012 - Best Feature Award: Richard A. Derrig, OPAL Consulting LLC, Sharon Tennyson, Cornell University, "The Impact of Rate Regulation on Claims: Evidence From Massachusetts Automobile Insurance," RMIR 14(2): 173-199
    Perspectives Award: Cassandra R. Cole, Florida State University, David A. Macpherson, Trinity University, Patrick F. Maroney, Florida State University, Kathleen A. McCullough, Florida State University, James W. Newman, Jr., Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Co., Charles Nyce, Florida State University, "The Use of Postloss Financing of Catastrophic Risk," RMIR 14 (2): 265-298
  • 2011 - Best Feature Award: Mary Kelly, Wilfrid Laurier University, Anne Kleffner, University of Calgary, Maureen Tomlinson, The Economical Insurance Group, "First-Party versus Third-Party Compensation for Automobile Accidents: Evidence from Canada," RMIR 13(1): 21-44
    Perspectives Award: Nadine Gatzert, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, "The Secondary Market for Life Insurance in the United Kingdom,Germany, and the United States: Comparison and Overview" RMIR 13(2): 279-301
  • 2010 Best Feature Award: Kosali Simon, Cornell University, Sharon Tennyson, Cornell University, Julie Hudman, D.C. Dept. of Health Care Finance, "Do State Cost Control Policies Reduce Medicaid Prescription Drug Spending?" RMIR 2009 12(1): 39-66
    Finance Perspectives Award: Martin F. Grace, Georgia State University Robert W. Klein, Georgia State University, "The Perfect Storm: Hurricanes, Insurance, and Regulation," RMIR 12 (1): 81-124
  • 2009 Best Feature Award: Tong Yu, University of Rhode Island Bingxuan Lin, University of Rhode Island, Henry R. Oppenheimer, University of Rhode Island, Xuanjuan Chen, Kansas State University, "Intangible Assets and Firm Asset Risk Taking: An Analysis of Property and Liability Insurance Firms," RMIR 11 (1): 157-178