Patrick Brockett & Arnold Shapiro Actuarial Award

This award was initiated in 2010 to recognize a risk management and insurance article printed in an actuarial journal. The award winners were first selected by Patrick Brockett and Arnold Shapiro and now by a Committee Chair selected by the ARIA President; together the President and Chair select a working committee for the Brockett and Shapiro Actuarial Journal Award. An award certificate will be presented at the Awards Luncheon at the ARIA Annual Meeting. The winners will be awarded $1,000.

2023 Winners - Roel Henckaerts, Prophecy Labs; Marie-Pier Côté, University Laval; Katrien Antonio, Universiteit an Amsterdam; Roel Verbelen, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven, "Boosting Insights in Insurance Tariff Plans with Tree-Based Machine Learning Methods," North American Actuarial Journal, Vol. 25, 2021, Iss. 2, pp. 255-285

Past Winners

  • 2022 - Martin Eling and Werner Schnell, University of St. Gallen, "Capital Requirements for Cyber Risk and Cyber Risk Insurance: An Analysis of Solvency II, the U.S. Risk-Based Capital Standards, and the Swiss Solvency Test," North American Actuarial Journal, 24:3, 370-392
  • 2021 - Peter A. Forsyth, University of Waterloo, Kenneth R. Vetzal, University of Waterloo, Graham Westmacott, PWL Capital, "Management of Portfolio Depletion Risk through Optimal Life Cycle Asset Allocation," North American Actuarial Journal, 23:3, 447-468
  • 2020 - Giorgio Alfredo Spedicato, Leithà S.r.l. - Unipol Group, Christophe Dutang, CEREMADE, Leonardo Petrini, "Machine Learning Methods to Perform Pricing Optimization: A Comparison with Standard GLMs, " Variance, 12(1), 69-89
  • 2019 - Samuel Gbari, Université catholique de Louvain, Michel Poulain, Université catholique de Louvain, Luc Dal, Université catholique de Louvain, Michel Denuit, Université catholique de Louvain, "Extreme Value Analysis of Mortality at the Oldest Ages: A Case Study Based on Individual Ages at Death," North American Actuarial Journal, 21(3), 397-416
  • 2018 - Ian Duncan, Jessica Loginov, Michael Ludkovski, "Testing Alternative Regression Frameworks for Predictive Modeling of Health Care Costs," North American Actuarial Journal, 20:1, 65-87
  • 2017 - Joelle H. Fong, SIM University, Nanyang Business School, Adam W. Shao, CEPAR University of New South Wales, Michael Sherris, University of New South Wales, "Multistate Actuarial Models of Functional Disability," North American Actuarial Journal, 19:1, 41-59
  • 2016 - Robert J. Erhardt, Wake Forest University, Richard L. Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Weather Derivative Risk Measures for Extreme Events," North American Actuarial Journal, 18:3, 379-393
  • 2015 - Martin Boyer, HEC Montréal, Charles Nyce, Florida State University, "An Industrial Organization Theory of Risk Sharing," North American Actuarial Journal, 17:4, 283-296
  • 2014 - Yijia Lin, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Min-Ming Wen, California State University, Jifeng Yu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Enterprise Risk Management: Strategic Antecedents, Risk Integration, and Performance," North American Actuarial Journal, 16:1, 1-28
  • 2013 - Stephen P. D'Arcy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Capital Allocation in the Property-Liability Insurance Industry," Variance, 5:2, 141-157
  • 2012 - Linda L. Golden, University of Texas at Austin , Charles C. Yang, Florida Atlantic University, Hong Zou, City University of Hong Kong, "The Effectiveness of Using a Basis Hedging Strategy to Mitigate the financial consequences of Weather-related Risks," North American Actuarial Journal, 14:2, 157-175