Risk Theory Society


Stephen Shore
University of Georgia

Past President
David Eckles
University of Georgia
Petra Steinorth
Universität Hamburg


The Society’s membership is small but diverse. Most of the Society’s members are faculty members at universities in North America, although major European and Asian universities are also represented.


Membership in the society is earned by presenting a paper at the annual seminar. Each paper accepted for the meeting is given one hour and fifteen minutes for presentation and defense by the authors.

Call for Papers 2023

 Minutes and Papers

An archive of meeting meetings can be viewed by clicking the link below.


The Society keeps an archive of the papers presented at the RTS Annual Meeting. 



2022- David Eckles
2021- Casey Rothschild
2019- Ty Leverty
2018- Patty Born
2017- Greg Niehaus
2016- Alex Muermann
2015- Paul Thistle
2014- Lars Powell
2013- Mary A. Weiss
2012- George Zanjani
2011- Michael Hoy
2010- Vickey Baitelsmit
2009- Jack Marshall
2008- Larry Cox
2007- Anne Gron
2006- Richard D. Phillips
2005- Pierre Picard
2004- Arthur Snow
2003- Sharon Tennyson
2002- George Dionne
2001- Keith J. Crocker
2000- Robert E. Hoyt
1999- Richard J. Butler
1998- Mark J. Browne
1997- Martin F. Grace
1996- Christian Gollier
1995- James R. Garven
1994- Clifford W. Smith
1993- Joan Schmit
1992- Scott E. Harrington


For more information about the Risk Theory Society, contact Petra Steinorth, Secretary of the Risk Theory Society at  [email protected].