ARIA Conference and Workshop Grants

Request for Proposals

ARIA’s Board of Directors invites ARIA members to submit proposals for grant funding to support research conferences and professional development workshops. The goals of this program are to:

  1.  Attract scholars conducting research related to risk and insurance
  2.  Increase awareness of ARIA and the research of its members
  3.  Offer professional development opportunities for ARIA members
  4.  Support members’ efforts to engage the broader risk & insurance professional community

Grant funds may be used for reasonable expenses to produce an educational event. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting space
  • Speaker fees for keynote speakers or topical experts
  • Speaker travel, meals, and related costs (using CONUS rates)
  • Compensation for time spent developing a video series

The program is intended to award up to $5,000, but requests for larger amounts will be considered.

Proposals can be submitted using THIS FORM. The following information is required:

  1.  Topic, location/delivery method, and possible date(s)
  2.  Target participants and marketing plan
  3.  A statement of purpose
  4.  Participant outcome objectives
  5.  The grant amount requested and a clearly stated budget

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed at the end of each month.

Please direct any questions regarding the program to Marc Ragin ([email protected]).

Terms and Conditions

  • Only ARIA members in good standing may apply
  • Funding will flow through ARIA accounts
  • ARIA will be a named sponsor

Professional Development

Supporting professional development of members is an ARIA strategic goal. ARIA will consider proposals for any professional development if they are made available to all ARIA members. Examples of professional development include, but are not limited to:



Empirical methods
Publication process
Doctoral students

Causal inference, text analysis

Proof writing
Web scraping with Python, introduction to JULIA
Writing an effective introduction
Effective academic presentations
Referee report best practices, responding to referees
Navigating the job market, interviewing, writing research, teaching, and diversity statements

Download a copy of this request for proposals HERE.