Risk Theory Society Call For Papers

Annual Seminar

  • April 28-30, 2023
  • Fox School of Business
  • Temple University
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Submissions due December 15, 2022

The Risk Theory Society is a group of economists, financial economists, and actuaries who undertake theoretical and applied research in the areas of insurance economics, financial economics related to insurance markets, actuarial science, and more generally in the economic analysis of risk and uncertainty. Membership in the society is earned by presenting a paper at the annual seminar and forfeited by missing two consecutive meetings.

The society invites interested parties to submit papers for the 2023 meeting. Each paper accepted for the meeting is given one hour and fifteen minutes for presentation and defense by the authors. The first twenty minutes of that time are reserved to be free of interruption other than for questions of clarification. After the grace period, discussion is typically vigorous.

This year the Risk Theory Society (RTS) is partnering with the Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI) to offer authors the opportunity to submit papers both to RTS and to the JRI. When submitting to RTS, if you wish, you may also have the paper considered for publication in the JRI. We consider this a “free” trial, in that if the effort is not successful, you may resubmit it to the JRI later after addressing the comments received. Please designate your interest in having the paper considered by the JRI when submitting to RTS.

In a typical year (i.e., non-COVID impaired) the number of submissions ranged from 38 to 69 with an average of 49. Ten papers are usually selected each year. We accept submission of a five-page abstract. Although most submissions and most accepted papers are likely to be in full draft or essentially completed form, we actively encourage submission of work-in-progress that would benefit from the typically robust discussions that take place during the RTS Seminar.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Submissions are due on December 15, 2022 The program committee will notify authors of accepted papers by end of January 2023, or soon thereafter. Accepted papers must be completed and sent for posting on the Risk Theory Society webpage by March 1, 2023.

Submissions should be e-mailed as attachments in the Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) by December 15, 2022, to:

Professor Petra Steinorth
Secretary of the Risk Theory Society
Hamburg Business School
Universität Hamburg
E-mail: [email protected]


FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information, contact Petra Steinorth or visit the Risk Theory web site at https://www.aria.org/risk-theory-society. Details concerning local arrangements will be made available in due time. You can contact the local organizer Professor Martin F Grace, PhD at [email protected].